Joe McKinney

Joe McKinney

A Class Act On All Levels

The problem with being a writer is that self publicity is essential. We use our twitter and Facebook as soundboards for our latest novels, contests, etc. It's a necessary part of the gig. For most writer, it ends there. Joe McKinney goes far beyond the call of duty.


You may be familiar with his many published short stories and books including Quarantined. He lives in Texas and writes horror, crime science fiction all the while keeping his day job as a police officer. You'll notice that many of his articles feature a heavy police element. You write what you know, right.


McKinney is an amazing writer and he also likes to help out those beginning writers. Many of us are friends with him on Facebook and in between posts about his books, etc. he gives advice on writing and updates people about the life and times of Joe McKinney.


As a writer, his opinion and knowledge is invaluable. He's the writer we all hope to eventually be and that's not going to happen overnight. Any help we can get from the masters are greatly appreciated. He also is more than happy to talk about his personal life and the what's going. You begin to know Joe McKinney the man and he's a really good guy.


One day, I hope that I can offer the same kinds of advice to people and actually feel like I am qualified to write it. If you have the chance, friend him on Facebook and get know a wonderful human being.