Reading Horror With A E-Reader

Reading Horror With A E-Reader

It Just Isn't the Same

For me, reading has always been a visceral experience. Horror was always the choice for me because fear is a powerful emotion and I loved being scared as I became caught up in the story. There was something about the way it felt to hold a book and I couldn't wait to get to the next page.


Recently, I purchased an e-reader so I could read many of the books and stories sent to me by other writers. No one even bothers sending real books anymore. I will admit that the feeling I get when reading from an electronic device is far different than holding a book in my hand.


Books are tactile and the smell of the pages is intoxicating. I love it. I can squeeze the pages tighter as I become more engrossed in the book and at the end of the night, I can gauge my progress by looking at how much of the book is left.


I can't get that from an e-reader. The soft glow of the screen means I don't need to have the light on and if I need to I can check my e-mail without getting up from my seat. I can flip the digital pages and it even has the page turning sound, but it isn't the same. Maybe because its the alien feel of the e-reader or my own fear of change, but I can't get as engrossed as I used to.


No amount of gore or adjective laden prose can move me the way it had when I held a book in my hand. I know the world is becoming more digital and in 20 years there won't be a book on a shielf anywhere, but this is on advancement that I wish we could take back.