Write of the Living Dead

Write of the Living Dead

Funny and informative zombie writing

As a horror writer, I can't help but notice the glut of zombie novels and books that are out these days. You can't seem to read anything horror without bumping into a few zombies around the way. I get it, zombies are hot right now, but too often writers don't understand how to write about zombies.

Thanks to George Romero and others, zombies have a folklore about them now. Sure, you can pretty much make up the rules as its your book, but the audience is going to expect a few things and if you don't portray them correctly, then it's going to turn them off. “Write of the Living Dead” is a writer's handbook on how to write about the living dead.

It's pretty tongue in cheek, but the information they provide is actually very good and relevant to the genre. That's right, genre. Zombies can no longer be shelved under the general horror category and have become an entity in and of themselves. I've read many how-to write books in my day from the stylistic like Stephen Kinds to the dry and deadpan of many scholarly texts.

This book is not only informative, but entertaining. The writers realized that unless you're a diehard writer, no one is going to sit through a 300 page treatise on ins and outs of writing about zombies. Instead, they chose to, pardon the pun, liven it up a bit. The writers poke fun at the genre and themselves throughout the book and it was a true pleasure to read.

If you are a writer who wants to join the undead bandwagon, then grab this book and treat it as your bible.