Concealed in the Darkness

Concealed in the Darkness by J.K. James

Some things are very real and need to be told.

The unseen things we feel watching us from the shadows in the corners of our eye.
Something unseen that hides and lurks within the very darkness of the shadows.
The quiet can become quite deafening in its haunting persistence.
Even in silence you can hear its faint whisper coming out of nowhere. A very distant and hushed sound that seems like it's far away, yet very close. Very close.
Close enough to touch you...too close.

Joe McKinney

A Class Act On All Levels

The problem with being a writer is that self publicity is essential. We use our twitter and Facebook as soundboards for our latest novels, contests, etc. It's a necessary part of the gig. For most writer, it ends there. Joe McKinney goes far beyond the call of duty.


Books vs. movies

Which are better?

Long before I ever read The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker, I had seen the movie version Hellraiser on cable. Hellraiser was only one of several stories in the book, but it's what made me want to read the book. It went the same way with The Stand, Carrie, etc. I had always ended up seeing the movie first.

Frankenstein for a new generation

Book still relevant today

I've always been a lover of horror and while the classic Shelley tale Frankenstein is a major influence on writers today, I never thought about its impact on my children's generation. They have so many things today that easily outstrip the world of Frankenstein that the books doesn't seem relevant any more.

At least, that's what I thought. In a world of videogames and a million cable channels, I didn't thing my son would be interested in reading a book like Frankenstein. At his recent birthday party, his grandmother gave him several “Classics” including Frankenstein.

Write of the Living Dead

Funny and informative zombie writing

As a horror writer, I can't help but notice the glut of zombie novels and books that are out these days. You can't seem to read anything horror without bumping into a few zombies around the way. I get it, zombies are hot right now, but too often writers don't understand how to write about zombies.

Thanks to George Romero and others, zombies have a folklore about them now. Sure, you can pretty much make up the rules as its your book, but the audience is going to expect a few things and if you don't portray them correctly, then it's going to turn them off. “Write of the Living Dead” is a writer's handbook on how to write about the living dead.

DININ' by Ty Schwamberger

DININ’ by Ty Schwamberger is now available to Pre-Order in Signed Limited Hardcover from Bad Moon Books.

On their way to Las Vegas for a weekend of debauchery; Dawn, Cindy and Morgan decide to stop at a greasy spoon to get some grub. Mel’s Diner looks like a decent enough place and their advertised ‘best burgers this side of Vegas’ entice the girls to give it a try. While at the diner; they eat, make fun of the restaurant’s patrons and finish the meal off by doing the most sacrilegious thing a customer can do – skip out on their bill.


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