The Nazi Necromancer

Check this book out. A very different and clever slant on history. The author has done his research here and simply altered the roles of the various leading characters and thrown a horror/dark fantasy aspect into the mix which works perfectly with the already near perfect scenario of good versus evil.....and don't think you will know how it ends because I can guarantee you won't. I got it off Amazon and I think it is only available for E Readers at this stage.

Frankenstein for a new generation

Book still relevant today

I've always been a lover of horror and while the classic Shelley tale Frankenstein is a major influence on writers today, I never thought about its impact on my children's generation. They have so many things today that easily outstrip the world of Frankenstein that the books doesn't seem relevant any more.

At least, that's what I thought. In a world of videogames and a million cable channels, I didn't thing my son would be interested in reading a book like Frankenstein. At his recent birthday party, his grandmother gave him several “Classics” including Frankenstein.

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