Concealed in the Darkness

Concealed in the Darkness by J.K. James

Some things are very real and need to be told.

The unseen things we feel watching us from the shadows in the corners of our eye.
Something unseen that hides and lurks within the very darkness of the shadows.
The quiet can become quite deafening in its haunting persistence.
Even in silence you can hear its faint whisper coming out of nowhere. A very distant and hushed sound that seems like it's far away, yet very close. Very close.
Close enough to touch you...too close.

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a fear of the dark.
I never dreamed my fears would be real.

Learning at an early age that there are unseen things that exist which are able to reach into our world from within the shadows. He spends his short life trying to avoid and ignore them until they finally force themselves on him, making him question his own sanity until he is finally pulled into the darkness himself and learns the truth.

Coming into possession of an artifact that he'd dreamt about years ago, things begin to really go sour as paranormal attacks begin to escalate in a variety of forms. A home life irreparably falling apart and forces him to flee from both an abusive home life and the ever increasing spectral attacks. He seeks refuge in a new start where his passion for a girl he secretly loves is crushed and mocked by the unknown. Devastated with no answers, he is drawn into the world of the occult which sinks him deeper into the shadows where he is finally confronted and discovers the secret of the dark shadows themselves.

They are called different things by different cultures.
But one thing that is the same throughout human history.
They are there.

They watch you now.

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