The Fury by John Reinhard Dizon

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The Fury is a supernatural thriller set in modern-day New York City that provides a historical subplot with a medieval European flair. Bridgette Celine, a private investigator, is hired to track down the daughter of Giovanni Rossini, a notorious Mob boss. Annabelle Rossini has made contact on the Internet with a fortune teller in East Harlem who offers her an opportunity to develop her psychic abilities. Bridgette is unable to refuse a huge financial offer and takes on a case that catapults her into a vortex of devil worship, drug dealing and murder.

Anna has moved into a three-story tenement run by Miss Goyette, a West Indian voodoo priestess who has rented the second floor to one of the most notorious crack gangs in Harlem. The third floor is occupied by Buda Sakumbe, an illegal alien from the Congo who rarely leaves the building. When he does, only its residents realize that horrible catastrophe follows in his wake. Bridge begins piecing the puzzle together, and she grows inextricably entwined with Anna in making her acquaintance and discovering the nature of her predicament.

Unknown to anyone but Mrs. Goyette, Giovanni Rossini is the descendant of a 16th century Italian nobleman who entered into a satanic pact with a French noblewoman. Their rituals of blood sacrifice ensure that their seed would establish an empire of vast economic and political power. Goyette has foreseen that the prophecy would be fulfilled through the bloodline of the Rossini Family and that of Bridgette Celine. Bridge becomes an unknowing pawn in helping Rossini make the connection with her family in New Orleans where the final link can be established.

The key to Goyette’s influence in East Harlem is Sakumbe, who is under a curse that causes him to turn into a hyena when a satanic demon called the Fury overcomes him. Goyette uses her mystical powers to control the Fury, which she can unleash through the force of her spells and incantations. The leader of the crack gang in the tenement, Kenya Kilmanjaro, has sold his soul to Goyette in exchange for control over the narcotics racket in Harlem. His exultation over his absolute rule is quenched as all of his rivals, real or imagined, are found torn apart by what authorities believe to be a wild animal.

Enter the Zombie Squad, an undercover NYPD black ops unit headed by Johnny Devlin.
He crosses paths enough with Bridge to bring her in as an informer, and eventually they discover that Anna is being sent to New Orleans by Goyette. Bridge makes herself known to Anna, and offers to accompany her on the trip. They end up staying with Bridge’s cousin Rebecca, on whose property lays the missing link to the Rossini prophecy.

A mystical amulet is exhumed from the family graveyard and brought back to Mrs. Goyette by Anna. None of them realize that Anna’s life is required as a sacrifice to consummate the satanic pact to establish the Rossini kingdom. This is a horror tale you won't want to miss.

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